Empowering Tradespeople: ARMD and Sparta Insurance Services Revolutionize Tool Protection

In a groundbreaking move, InsurTech ARMD has collaborated with Sparta Insurance Services to unveil a cutting-edge insurance product for tradespeople in the UK. Dive into this post to explore how ARMD Tools In Transit is transforming tool protection, offering unprecedented 24/7 security.

The Revolution in Artisan Tool Insurance

This section delves into the persisting issue of inadequate tool protection for UK tradespeople, with a staggering 83% lacking insurance for their tools. Discover how ARMD Tools In Transit addresses this challenge, providing comprehensive coverage without the need to empty vans nightly.

Comprehensive 24/7 Protection for Tools in Vehicles

Explore the distinctive features of the new product, highlighting the comprehensive protection offered to tools securely left in a van 24/7. Understand how this approach differs from existing products that require customers to empty their vans every night.

Devin Chawda of ARMD: A Major Leap in an Innovation-Hungry Market

In this segment, read insights from Devin Chawda, CEO of ARMD, on the significance of this innovation. Learn how this solution fills a longstanding gap in the market, providing artisan businesses with the protection and peace of mind they’ve sought for years.

Andrew Doidge of Sparta Insurance Services Excited About ARMD’s Innovative Approach

Highlighting Andrew Doidge’s comments from Sparta Insurance Services, this section emphasizes ARMD’s innovative approach and how the collaboration aims to make a positive difference for artisan clients.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for Artisan Tool Protection

Summing up the key features of ARMD Tools In Transit, the conclusion underscores its potential to reshape tool protection for UK artisans. It also touches on future prospects, with ARMD actively exploring new partnerships and products for this specific sector.

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